lost interest

With so many people translating tensei slime now… I’ve lost interest.

I’m not a confident translator and there are at least 6-7 more popular groups translating it, not to mention that ramblin is now translating the official light novel version…

I am not saying it is any ones fault but my own, I just feel that when I was going to return to it, everyone else got out of school for the summer and started translating it all at once.

I just can’t muster the desire to translate it anymore. So if anyone is still checking my blog you can stop, I’m done. I’m going to look for something else to translate if you have any suggestions I would not mind looking into them, I might do a bunch of teasers to see what sticks


Explanation and plans

So I feel I should start by apologizing for suddenly stopping all form of posting and dropping off the map entirely. I am sorry.

Secondly I feel I should also give an explanation for this. Early this year I had some serious health problems. At that time I was also working full time with mandatory overtime at a job I hated, going to school full time for Electrical Engineering, family drama and doing too many translation projects at once.

Due to this I had a nervous breakdown. Because of this I decided I needed to get rid of everything that was preventing me from succeeding in my life and dreams and while I love the internet I am a junky to it. So I canceled my internet service and went the last 4 months getting my life in order till I felt that I could reconnect it safely. Now that the semester is over, my health has improved and I have a new better job I can safely reconnect my internet service without worry of a repeat of what happened before.

So now to talk about plans. First I am dropping Demon fist of the dreamer, I liked the first few chapters but its just to chuuni for me. Second I have found there are 3 different translators interested in Tensei Slime. I will be in communication with them as soon as possible. I might be dropping it if they want to take it over. If not I will be resuming translation of it at a rate of 1-3 chapters a week.

I have been working on my own project Surviving a monster World and will be resuming that as well.