Metal Hagure first chapter and prologue

courtacy of Mexican on the Batoto Forums for these first translations

Prologue, the cliche of a truck incident.

[Ahh,having sex]

While muttering such a thing, a 17 year old youth, was sprinting through
a national highway on his bicycle in the middle of the night.

His high school life was in a single word — pitiful.

Without a single friend, even a choroin childhood friend…… such a legendary creature,
he did not have such an acquaintance.

tl note : basically choroin = choroi heroine = simple heroine = someone who falls
in love with the main character easily.

Even his grades and athletic ability were no good. You might say, with just a brief comment on such a life that he is walking
toward a bitter adolescence. However he is still young.

At least in sexual desire he had….. becoming a man.

By saying such a thing, right now on his way back home he entered a video-rental store.

from his elder brother’s wallet, he had arbitrarily borrowed his membership card. For a long time, it was said the the Ero DVDs
he had packed was on his mind.

It’s title was—–

.Road .of . the . PeOis ~~Emperor PeOis
.Dick pot and urinal
.Fat charcoal

Such horrible title names, but there was one in the sharing community.
Rumored to be inspired wholly by a Fantasy medieval style Europe.
An Elf-eared Onee-chan, or a little beast girl, or possibly…… a blood sucking
Loli old women (Legal Loli).

The youth’s dreams were clogged with that Ero DVD.

[Ahh, Sexual intercourse. With the strongest cheat reincarnating in
a parallel word, establish harem –].

Together with the scream of his heart, he rode in the darkness of the night.
Accordingly, the cliche has occurred.
That is to say, red light, speed of 85 kilometers, 2 O’clock at night with low visibility—-
with such a perfect combination, to the youth riding his bicycle, it was said that a 20 ton truck had crashed into him.

A sudden cliche, an inevitable crash.

While carrying out a rotating tailspin, he flew 30 meters in the air.
And then, crashed into a telephone pole. While the scenery was dimming, the youth thought.

[……Ahh—–, having…….elf eared blond hair…..Onee-chan.]

In front of the bicycle, from the bag where he had stored them,
the Ero Dvd were scattered about.
—— Thus, 17 year old Yuuki Saitou, had closed off his life in Japan.

And then, 20 minutes later, the neighborhood police inspector with his policemen
arrived at the scene of the fatal accident.

They were astonished that by the gruesome accident, at the actual spot of the crime scene, Ero DVDs were scattered about.

[Inspector Sasawara…..This is….]

The title of the DVD the policeman was holding in his hands.

GiriGiri Mosaic: The fated war of the Holy Rindol Empire ~~ Horse and Elf.

tl note: Girigiri ~ grinding sounds

In the package, there was a blonde haired Elf Onee-chan, smiling while embracing a horse.

The policeman unconsciously nodded his head, while the inspector said.
[……..Very hard. I don’t know how to explain this to his parents….]

Chapter one

Cliche of the God encounter, non-cliche status

After what happened, there was a trip into a parallel world.

Right now, Yuuki’s whereabouts were a mysterious white space.
Looking around, 2 figures came into sight, appearing to have been thrusted into the same situation as Yuuki.

One of them was around the same age as Yuuki with the position of a good looking guy.

Before long, he became extremely irritated with this good-looking guy.

His aloof hair was raised with wax, also somehow he was giving off the odor of men’s perfume, and even his eyebrows were very slender.

It looks like this good looking guy had now started to panic, seemingly unable to even let out words.

——Yeah, good-looking guys are the enemy.

With such a thought, Yuuki turned his gaze toward the other person.
This person was also around Yuuki’s age, but was a girl…….. a very cute girl.
Black hair up to her hips . Sailor suit . small height . child-faced . huge breasts——to sum up, a huge breasted loli.
With that said, Yuuki tried to call out to the huge breasted loli.

[What in the world….. what became of me?” I was in an accident in the middle of the night and suddenly ended up
in this mysterious room….]

The huge breasted loli gave him a glance. After Evaluating his physical appearance, she openly grimaced.
And then, addressed the good looking guy.

[So this guy was also in similar accident…. as a matter of fact, I also had an accident….. ah,
my name is Momoyama…. what’s yours?]

[My name is Ikazaki Yagumo. I also became aware I was in an accident…..]

[Ikazaki…… it’s fine if I call you that right? ah…. I mean…. um]

[I don’t understand, but…… I don’t know what will happen after this.
Because you are a girl…… you can’t be careless.]

——- Having been disregarded. Now, after looking my way and grimacing, this bitch started
addressing that handsome guy.

And then, they starting chatting amongst themselves. Or rather, Yagumo…. you…. What a sec, his cheeks are becoming red,
what? That good looking, correction that guy is blushing?

While Yuuki was shivering with anger, all of a sudden a white, radiating phenomenon arose from the surface.
And then, the radiating phenomenon concurrently settled down, The blonde Onee-chan in her late 20s appeared before my eyes.

With silky blonde hair by her pointed ears, and a white dress.

[I thought you would be surprised by this unexpected event—–]

And then, continuing to speak.

[I am the god of Alusuzado, a parallel world. From now on, Everyone here will rescue this world.]

Yeah, I predicted this. Somehow I knew it would be something like this.

With that said, Yuuki thought….. that the handsome boy and beautiful girl would be lost for words.

[That means you will become heroes, but…. first of all,….allocate your bonus points in your status, ok?]

Ignoring their reactions completely, God finished up her speech.

[Please, try to close your eyes. And when your in your mind a status screen should appear.]

Exactly as she said, after closing my eyes in the darkness, a status screen had manifested.

Strength . agility . in addition to all types of stats had appeared.

And then in the lower right corner, the remaining amount of bonus points were displayed.

『Initial bonus points』
『Status allocation』

Tt seems that the good looking guy and the beautiful girl soon understood the situation as well
after hearing those familiar words that are found in generic games.

[Ya, Ya, Yagumo!? the status screen that appeared is really like a game, isn’t it?]

[That’s right…… this… feels like a dream. Or possibly…. I don’t even want to think this way,but this might be….
a world in the afterlife….]

[Ju, Just, for the time being… would it be good not to treat it as a dream?]

With that said, accordingly, Ikazaki asked Momo.

[I have 65 bonus points. Momo how many do you have….?]
[I have 41…. it seems to change according to the person.]

Suddenly, God nodded her head.

[That’s right. It changes according to the person. Because your individual abilties, before the trip without changing
are converted into bonus points.]

understanding, Momo also nodded her head.

[Hey, Yagumo, The feeling I get from you seems excellent….. but, an initial difference of 20 points
is unfair…..or rather, if this were a game, from here we will have to allocate points into stamina,intelligence, and so on, right?]

[Ah, It does not look like it’s such a simple thing. Would you take a look? There’s also special skill and intial equipment entries.]

[Versus undead damage doubled…..half damage from dragon breath…..Magic reinforcement…. huh? There’s also something strange.
Harem stat? Ah, there no way, but I guess it’s really there.]

As those guys said, it doesn’t mean it’s good if you distribute stats into a pure foundation, it seems there
are also special skills.

Acquiring skills should expend an suitable amount of bonus ponts based on it’s value. For example:


With 5 Bonus points, 2 magic spells.
With 10 Bonus points, experience acquistion increases 5-fold.
With 30 Bonus points, Healing magic, offensive magic, Buff magic, all initial magic can be released.
With 50 points, sword technique: 12 Great Meteor decapitation (If it were to hit, it would do critical damage to everything.)
However, it’s accuracy rate for each strike is 70%.

It seemed like as the bonus points increased it seemed to become something like a cheat.

With that said, The handsome guy, Ikazai opened his mouth and started talking.

[Good, my ability foundation is…. Stamina and Strength, I had dumped all of my bonus points into those two stats.
Momo-chan has 40 points to spend….. so I want Momo-chan to select Rare drop chance
(The chance of picking up a rare item after defeating an enemy) skill 10 times. And the rest
should go into magical power.]

[Eh….. why? The cost of doing that will be my destruction….]

As Ikazaki smiled, he expressed a refreshing smile.

[Then, I will raise my ability points. And I…… will protect you.
Besides, in the end, I don’t know which is the correct choice. when I have it, there will be
a reliable path and a gambling path. I think it would be better to free myself from both extremes.]

This good looking guy, is not a normal person.
Judging from his appearance, although it does not seem like he plays games, it seems like the measures he’s taking make
a lot of sense.

After that, Yuuki had become aware of something.

——-Among the couple, Yuuki’s existence had completely vanished.

The pair noticed Yuuki’s sour expression, as they were apologising they raised a question to Yuuki.

[By the way….. How many bonus points do you have? Ah, that reminds me what was your name?]

[…. Saitou Yuuki.]

Before the trip, the ability score of the person, without changing became their bonus points.

The impression Yuuki gave was obviously of a non-satisfied person….. that, If it’s from them
then it’s easy to guess that did not have any other anticipation.

With that said, however, Yuuki had continued to snicker.

[My bonus points are…… 5300]

[ [ 5300 !? ] ] ~~ tl note ~ from both of them.

He was shocked by their earth-shattering over-reaction…… Hey seriously? He thought to himself.

At any rate, he was sure that it was 5300.

Ikazaki with a shocked expression started to press for answers from God.

[Wh, Wh, How is such a thing possible.]

With a troubled expression, God raised a question to everyone present.

[That right….. well, Shall I try to to ask a question in the
contrary. Everyone, when I said parallel world…. what sort of impression
did you have?]

Ikazaki had responded.

[I don’t quite understand, no image really came out.]
[Yagumo was also like that? Even when you said to rescue the world, I didn’t really
understand anything.]

After savoring his brief advantage, Yuuki spoke.

[Elf ears . Beast ears, Old Lolis…. . If those inhabitants
are at risk….. If that’s the case, I have to rescue them. And then,
when I rescue them, I’ll be popular that’s just common sense.
In other words…. I…. popular,popular,…. I must definitely become popular,
and I must establish Harem. …… Absolutely.]

———- What did this guy just say.

God apologized, giving a sidelong glance to the two who backed away in disgust.

[His bonus points were reconstructed based on his ability before the trip,…. the
implication is that the strong sexual desire he had toward this world was considered strength
of will, and his points manifested for that reason.]

Yuuki was agreeing with that understanding.

His feeling of risking everything on the eroticism in a parallel world, would not lose to anyone. That is to say,
it was that sort of event.

Ikazaki was also making a sour looking face, but he immediately pulled himself together and gave instructions to Yuuki.

[Anyway, if it’s you….. what we decide to do as a team, don’t you get the feeling we’ll be unstoppable?
For now, you should acquire all the skills that seem useful. After that you should equally distribute your stats….]

[But, Yagumo. What about that stat? That hero stat….. well, even if it’s useful, it’s called Harem stat…..]

Accordingly, God cut into their conversation.

[Ah, Honestly speaking, I made that attribute as a joke. In reality, it doesn’t have much significance.
Things like that hero stat, depending on the points allocated, the magnification control would be extended.

Ikazaki expressed a shocked laugh.

[Preparing a destination to allocate points like that landmine…. but, ah, Because I think
no person would select the harem stat, it’s probably fine]

[That’s right Yagumo, no matter how you look at it calling it
a harem stat is a bit too much….. right?]

Yuuki decided to allocate all of his points.

And then, the final confirmation message in the darkness  his mind had appeared, and then he carried
it out the confirmation.

[Good, with this it’s over.]

[Over…. how did you allocate your points?]

With a self-satisfied look, Yuuki said.

[I decided on 5300 points in my Harem stat.]

[ [ Idioooooooot!!!!! ] ]

Ikazaki and Momo shout resounded in this empty white space.

—– At that very moment, there was no one —— and then even God failed to recognize the
seriousness of the matter.

God had used the system of reincarnation for the sake of opposing the demons, and for the sake of bestowing power
to the heroes of a parallel world.
Until now, God had made the heroes reincarnate—- that someone would select
the useless harem stat. Even for God, to declare that the harem stat
was a joke. There no one knew, not even God knew the existence inside that black
box. Even under normal circumstances, recklessly dumping all 5300 points into that
black box is outside the norm.

The lone hero had broken his status screen.

Ikazaki Yagumo(♂)
Title: Novice hero

level 1
Hp 45
MP 0
Attack power 36
Defense power 32
Agility 13
Skills: None

Yama Momo(♀)
Title: Novice hero

Level 1
HP 14
MP 12
Attack power 7
Defense power 9
Agility 6
Skill:Raredrop (x10)

Saitou Yuuki(♂)
称号:Broken Hero

Level 1
Hp 1
MP 1
Attack power 1
Defense power 65535
Agility 65535

※Denomination:(Except for Defense power・Agility power) is (10^60).

Attribute: Harem



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