Metal Hagure chapter 3

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Although I’m sad to see it go, I’m glad someone picked it up so I can focus back on my current translations and maybe do some more teasers to raise awareness for those who are interested in translating as well. But if he needs help, drops it or wants to take a break I can always help out.

He has already translated chapter 3 on his blog, but since I had already translated it as well I am going to post it here as my final work on this piece. Enjoy

Seem like the first battle will be with the Demon King, Probably

The Demon World
Natasha Eligol sat with a melancholy expression upon the Demon Kings thrown.
The title of the King of the Demons did not suit this beautiful girl.
By human standards she had barely reached her later half of the teens.
Her skin was like brown silk, her face still sported traces of childishness with deep eyes with a single slanted crease in the above eyelid and long silver hair draped down to her waist. {Tl: this is where the person will have asian eye shape but the eyelid will have a single crease found more often in Caucasians. Its something that is a popular form of plastic surgery in Japan. Whether natural or artificial this is considered quite attractive.Explanation over}
If she was walking downtown, she would turn the head of any man who crossed her path.

This woman bears a gloomy expression today.

–Everything is boring.

When thinking about it, her life has gone far too well.
From birth she possessed strong magic power which naturally only grew stronger with age.
At the age of 200–she was the equivalent age of a 13-year-old when she became the Demon King’s highest commanding officer of the demonic forces. 100 years ago the previous Demon King had seceded power to her willingly.
After 100 years warring with the humans. She had experienced continuous victories. Although the larger human nations would occasionally even send out heroes. It only amounted to a sport to the demons at this point.
Though these attacks were not large armies. The humans aided by parties of heroes did attack the Demonic Realm but the numbers were pitifully small.
They could easily be overpowered by swarming them, then they would be tortured to death. Within the whole world, being with the power to capture the Demon Lord’s Castle— perhaps there was only one and that would be herself.
–So since everything has gone so well there was no challenge. Like walking a straight line without obstacles.
Which meant–it was very boring.

Well whatever. Only one thing is a problem —
–what is that despot thinking?Why did you let these useless party of heroes leave to assault the Demon Lords Castle?I’m curious about it but it doesn’t matter I’m the strongest.Petty tricks that humans can think up can easily be crushed by force.
Thinking so she smiled. The door opened and 4 young people enter for the decisive battle.

Today’s entertainment starts.
4 heroes stood before the eyes of the Demon Queen.
A warrior, a martial artist, a sage, and a wizard– a very orthodox party composition.
Everyone’s expressions and atmosphere were strange.
The warriors hair is falling out, the martial artist has a hollow expression and is drooling, The sage’s grey hair was turning white, and the wizard was muttering complaints quietly to his self.

Their will had been broken by the shock of thousands of revivals.

Death and Resurrection.
A drug had been used to suppress the pain of the process of this cycle. This drug slowly destroys the mind. because of this it causes hallucinations. To compensate for this during battle an anti-hallucinagenic medicine was taken which would reduce the side effects for the length of the battle.
Due to this state of over-medication, among some of the many side-effects are the changing of hair color and the loss of hair.
Because  of  this they were in a state drawing closer to being disabled.
However even now they bore the pain while approaching the Demon King’s Castle, they did so due to one hope.

(We–will defeat you and return to our original worlds!)
The Warrior screamed and in reply the Demon Queen laughed.

(Was that what that Tyrant told you?…. Do you really believe you will be returned home?)

The sage woman releases a noise akin to a scream.
They had actually noticed it too. The guarantee of being able to return to their original worlds was worthless.
They had only received a verbal promise– from the same person who was doping them heavily. That Scum King. (Tl:alternate ‘Asshole king’)
There was only one reason they followed his orders. He was the only one who knew how to return them to their original worlds. Only this scum.

The martial artist began to speak.

(It already doesn’t matter… It does not change the things we have already done since we came here and what we have to do now. WE will kill you and return to the kingdom. If he does not return us to our worlds…I will murder that Garbage instead. )

Mumbling the female wizard continues to talk to herself.Then she began to laugh uncontrollably.
The medicine might be wearing off.
While concerned over her condition the warrior drew the sword at his waist.

(…Will you kill me?…The heroes have arrived at the Demon Queen’s throne, this is getting exciting. You definitely represent the [World Strongest] at least for humans. This is definitely no laughing matter.)
The warrior interrupt the Demon Queen’s monologue.
(How can you be so composed at a time like this? Demon Queen–as a Demon Lord you certainly have a high-class spirit body making physical attacks worthless. Human have no way to resist you.)

He proudly hoisted the sword in his right hand high.

(Deicide:Hinokagutsuchi. I summon the treasure sword that slayed the god whose body became our nation. )

Indeed, The Demon queen thinks.
A sacred object is able to deal damage directly to the (Spirit Body).
Once someone reaches the rank of a high-ranking demon. Normal weapons were ineffective they were unable to do physical damage.
However, using the warrior’s divine tool, he became able to do a massive amount of damage to her Astral Body.

But the Demon Queen laughed fearlessly.

(What are you laughing at Demon Queen?!)

(Really, man is such a vain creature.)

(How are we vain..? We slayed many demons to be able to stand before you!)

The Demon Queen now began to laugh so had she had to hold her sides.

(What was the reason you were able to reach here?–I cleared a path for you. Along your journey here you did not encounter even a single high-ranking demon.)

(What…. how is that possible?)

(Even the demon queen needs a form of amusement…a recreation. So for fun I allow human heroes to roam freely so that they can grow stronger.)

(That means…?)

(Every step of your journey was observed.Sometimes I would dangle a spider’s thread of hope, at other times I would gift you with hardship so that I could test you… It’s a hobby I use to kill time.)

Thus she continued.

(Now for your reward. Within this chamber death is permanent. If you die here it is impossible to be resurrected. Even your spirit body will be destroyed. I will allow you to sleep peacefully.)

Hearing this the life within the female wizards eyes was returned.

(You… and that garbage king….played with us… don’t underestimate people from another world!)

That was the signal that started the fight.
She cast her most powerful spell, flames shot out enveloping the Demon Queen.
Even though the she was enveloped in a ball of flames with a radius of 30 meters, with a snap of her fingers the flames dissipated.

With a slight wave of her hand the charging martial artist was blown sideways away.

–their combat strength were on different levels.

Sensing this the female sage charged the Demon Queen. While doing so she recited te strongest incantation she could perform.
If the Demon Queen is telling the truth once I use this I will never be able to be revived. However, that’s fine.
DUring their travels they had developed an important bond. If she could defend her 3 companions then, that’s fine.
Once she reached within 4 meters of the Demon Queen her magic was invoked.

–Suicide Bomb (self destruct)

The magic she gathered began to run out of control, this attack was a Kamikaze attack that would voluntarily destroy her own body in the explosion.
When the smoke cleared, the Demon Queen stood there unharmed.

(Even though you went that far it was pointless…how foolish)

However even though the attack failed it had still managed to gain her attention distracting her. –This gave the warrior who possessed the only weapon capable of doing her harm the ability to approach from behind.
(With this we end it!!!!!!!!)

The sword swung down diagonally with a flash.
With the blade Hinotsuchi was actually able to slice through her skin. As far as how far it was able to penetrate… it went as far in as 3 millimeters.
Seeing the wound the Demon Queen produced a blank expression.
(To damage me….for a human how wonderfully you have been trained till now.With great respect I shall offer you eternal rest.SCORCHING DEMON EYE: DARKNESS FLARE)

Where ever the Demon Queen look was enveloped in light.
When she looked at the heroes a line of light enveloped them one by one dissolving them away.
Anything enveloped in this light was exposed to temperatures over 400 million degrees celsius. Temperatures similar to the center of a large-scale hydrogen bomb blast.
With the battle over, the Demon Queen surveyed her surroundings.
Although the room was undamaged due to protective barriers… all the furniture had disintegrated.
(i guess the need to be made a little more sturdy…)

Then over the Demon Queen’s whole body she felt goose bumps.
8400 kilometers west…within the scum King’s domain…though the true identity was unknown….Something…had appeared.
It must be the absolute strongest, so strong that she felt drunk on fear…it’s destination was unknown–whatever this thing that appeared was.
The Demon Queen turned on her heel, and the window’s were flung open.
Jet black wings took form.

She Faced the west towards the kingdom of that scum. It was necessary to check what was going on right now.

Within her mind, she felt the existence of a single man.

–It was a boy with black hair wearing only a pair of boxers.

Both the demon’s and human’s strongest–a decisive battle is approaching.


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